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The Alien Agenda? The Evolution of Humanity, a Fascinating Intergalactic Experiment Gone Very Wrong!


I had watched a television episode about wreckage of a Cessna airplane found in a swamp near Pascagoula, Ms. The official report claims it was pilot error but the UFO investigators and the family of the pilot claim the air traffic control flight recordings suggest it was a mid air collision with an unknown flying object, and I tend to believe the limited information released to the public through this broadcast is true. I believe this not so much on the speculation of the evidence presented but rather on the pilot to air traffic control last reported conversation before the air traffic controller lost both radar and radio contact with the pilot. The Cessna pilot's last recorded words were, "I NEEDED TO DEVIATE!, I NEEDED TO DEVIATE! I NEEDED . . .(loss of transmission.)

This is very telling, the pilot had only enough time to give the most relevant information that proved the incident was not pilot error. The pilot was trying to tell anyone who would listen that the D.C. 10 being tracked by air traffic control was not what caused this accident. The pilot was telling everyone that he had seen an approaching air vehicle from a very long distance away and that the distance between him and the approaching air vehicle was so great that its' flight path would not be in range of any local air traffic control radar and made the decision that any deviation of his own flight path was unnecessary and unwarranted. For example, two 18 wheelers are approaching side by side down a four lane highway and a driver wanting to cross over the middle of the four lane highway to make a turn must anticipate both 18 wheeler's approaching time and speed and determine if there is sufficient time to cross both approaching lanes and safely make a turn going in the opposite direction.

The pilot's last words, I needed to deviate, I needed to deviate, I needed..." indicate he had considered the air vehicle's approaching speed and distance between them to be a non-issue and continued his own flight path and in the last few seconds of his life realized it was a poor decision. The air vehicle had to be traveling at an enormous speed in order to cause such damage to the air craft. So fast, in fact, that the approaching air vehicle, did not impact the Cessna, but the Cessna would have been more to the example of a bug hitting the windshield of speeding car in its' path and kept on going.

If this scenario is accurate, and velocity of this air vehicle is really that fast , the flight path of this air vehicle would not be able to be tracked by any single air traffic control radar. It would actually be invisible to most air traffic control radars unless its’ path was directly into the air traffic control transponder's signal and return path or if it slowed down enough to be picked up by radar. In my opinion this happens, but very rarely. Which is why air traffic control is probably telling the truth when they are asked if there is anything on their radar and their reply each time is no there isn't radar contact of unknown air traffic in the area. However, as I mentioned earlier, no "single" air traffic control radar would be able to track its' flight path, but a record of multiple air traffic control radars just might be able to. On each radar its' path would be nothing more than a single speck or two that is either ignored, disregarded as clouds or weather, but if an UFO investigator can determine the UFO’s direction of travel, perhaps by impact or an eye witness account of its' sightings, it just might be possible to collaborate multiple air traffic control readings by correlation of date, time and flight path, to not only to confirm these sightings, but also determine the velocity of the UFO itself.

What an astonishing and amazing Press Release that would be! If I were a UFO investigator, I would collect as many sighting reports as I could of time, date and location, and then obtain as many air traffic control readings as possible to expand the UFO’s flight path to at least a three or four state geographical area and try to establish a flight path and speed between all of the air traffic control readings. I am convinced the FCC will scrutinize each air traffic control reading very thoroughly before its’ release. So, don’t tell them what you are doing, or what you are looking for and I truly believe the results will be far greater than what you have come to expect. Good luck and stay safe.


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C.A.S.E. Center Against Sex Exploitation
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