Abductions? Visitors From Space? The Alien Agenda? Modern Technology!
Written by Frank Khoury and based on facts and discoveries made through his intense, unrelenting investigations during the past 15+ years. March 6th, 2013

Hello, let's first analyze the destiny of humanity. In relation to time as we know it, our species of life has been around for a very long time. Scientists estimate that humanity has been around for about 80,000 years! According to the worlds leading archeologists, early man's level of intelligence might be compared to the intelligence of todays apes. Although we are certain that we are the only indigenous species of life on earth with a free will. it is also speculated the we all have a soul. My first question that comes to mind is whether mankind had these attributes from their beginning, or are they a part of evolution? The third most likely, yet hardest possibility for most to believe, is that at some point during the history of man, a higher form of life somehow interacted with humans, giving us the ability to Evolve, to learn, to reason and to love or hate. All other life forms on Earth kill for food, not for sport or out of hate or greed! The aliens have had every reason to hate us and even destroy us, but they don't. God and the bible speak of peace and love. It just doesn't make sense. Or does it?

We are reminded almost daily, about the evolution of mankind through books, movies, discussions and more, yet we ignore the fact that we have evolved technologically at an unprecedented rate of speed since the early 40's. Our way of life is based on lies and deceit and deep down inside of every one of us, we know that this is true. Society refuses to believe that our very existence might be the result of some grand interstellar experiment, gone wrong. The truth is that our spiritual evolution, or our level of consciousness has come to a virtual stop. We have become completely dependent on an environment that we once co existed with. After learning about a man named Colonel Philip Corso, retired with honors who is now deceased, I acquired a copy of his book. I spent six months researching the man and his claims, I could find nothing that could raise any question about his total credibility. I have also been personally involved in several attempts to establish whether our current level of technology coincides with our current level of existence or not. We have concluded that we are at laest 100 years ahead of ouselves technologically. This further validates Colonel Philip Corso's claims of being given a cabinet containing debris from the crash at Roswell. His mission was to give the alien debris to major corporations like Dupont for further ananlysis and development for the public sector, without revealing where it came from. The plan worked and Corso kept quiet until his retirement.

Major advancements such as computers and the internet, fiber optics and cell phones have transformed the human race into into a corrupt existence in self destruct mode. During my early years of adulthood, I believed that the bible was nothing more than an elaborate fabrication, but I was mistaken. The bible has been grossly misinterpreted and used to manipulate the masses living on Earth for 1000's of years. About 70 years ago, we declared war on the universe, a war that we can never win.

Other highly advanced life forms, have likely been responsible for the early evolution of the indigenous species on Earth. In the early 40's a new device called Radar was perfected and put to use all over the world. Neither we nor the Aliens were aware that radar was capable of causing the alien ships to lose power and crashing helplessly on the Earth's surface. It wasn't until around 1950 that the appointed scientists and military personel finally figured out why these ships had been intermittently crashing in various locations around our planet. As we would all expect, the reaction by those in charge of the recovered UFOs was not of sarrow for unknowingly taking the lives of our cosmic neighbors and there was never any consideration of letting the rest of the world in on the truth.

Thus began the biggest coverup in history, in the interest of national security, of course! John Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963 because he intended to disclose this top secret, highly classified information to the world. Just before his assassination, he told the world of his intention to go to the moon. Furthermore, as a part of his intended public disclosure, he was also going to inform the people of Earth that the trip to the moon was to make contact and establish a peaceful diplomatic relationship with our space neighbors. The first "manned" Lunar landing was not until 1969. In October, 2009, NASA sent 2 unmanned craft carrying missles to bamb a crater close to the Moon's south pole. Precisely where Armstrong claimed that they saw an active alien base in 1969. NASA claimed that they were searching for water under the moon's surface.

A significant example of mankind's ignorance involves Ray Santilli's 1992 Alien Autopsy Video. After months of failed attempts to debunk the film footage, the video was achieving global popularity. Something had to be done to protect the Government and it's Military's credibility. Santilli was not a UFO enthusiast, he was a businessman. He was also the only person alive who could debunk the video. There was no reason for Santilli to admit to the world that he was a Fraud, or was there? Agencies like the CIA can be very persuasive to anyone in the world. Santilli had already made lot's of money from the film and he wanted to be around to spend it. The rest is obvious. Note: On every copy ever distributed, there is one frame in the film where the dead alien's eyes blink. Why was this never discovered by the experts or mentioned in the media?

In 2007, I made another discovery regarding the Autopsy video. Ten years earlier, I filmed a very strange light criss-crossing down the rocky mountain side, behind the town of Socorro, NM. After seeing the mountain the next day, I saw no way that anykind of vehicle could have followed the path of the light the night before. I learned that White Sands missle range was located on the other side of those mountains. I returned two years later and spent some time asking the locals questions. That was when I found out about an incident that took place on May 31st, 1947, which is where the Autopsy footage originated. A group of American Indian children allegedly witnessed the crash of a UFO. They were the first on the scene of the crash, until the military showed up and a man who seemed to be in charge, yelled at them to leave the area immediately. I have personally visited the crash site numerous times. It is located 12.5 miles West of Socorro, in a box canyon. There is significant evidence of a large impcact on the side of a small mountain comprised of solid rock. It took me almost two weeks to locate two of the kids, (now elderly men). After telling me what they saw, I took them to my motel i9n Socorro and played the UFO Autopsy tape for them. I watched them closely. Seconds after the video started, they both started crying, saying that finally. after 60 years, they could prove that they were telling the truth. I took the story and the two men to the Albuquerque News Station, but was ignored.

I firmly believe that Extraterrestrials cannot comprehend killing, hate or hostile agression like humans do. Even I have great difficulty comprehending how or why these barbaric traights are a way of life among my own race. The technology that has set the human race on a course of extinction was not given to us by the aliens and we the people of Earth were not given the chance to be a part of that fatal decision. It is believed that the aliens did not figure out what was causing their ships to fail for several years after we did. During that time, the real powers that be kept intentionally knocking the UFOs out of the sky. Everytime I rvrn think about it, I get a really sick feeling inside and a sense of shame for being human. If there is a God, then all I can say is God help us!

The information above is here for a very small number of people who Do Not bury their heads in the sand everytime that their miniscule existence
is threatened by the facts. Frankly, I could give a damn about those who choose to look the other way!


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