Before the summer of 1997 UFOs had NEVER been an interest in my Life, but that's all changed...

Why are we here?

She Was My Friend,
I Will Truly Miss Her.

We Americans are undeniably the best on Earth when it comes to political, social, economic, and human rights issues. Throughout the past century the United States has proudly maintained Its global status as the nation of nations among the world powers. At times against overwhelming odds, the American people would not surrender.

In the more recent years however, the American people have seemingly forgotten about pride in their country, when the President of the United States was looked upon with admiration and dignity, when the cries of a fellow American were never ignored. It seems that our society has evolved into a dormant and dependent way of life. Somehow controlled by an illusion that all that exists is as far as their eyes can see. It is as though they are living in a false sense of security.
This brings me to myself. I have always been considered to be a rational, intelligent and alert person by those who know me, I have no difficulty distinguishing the difference between fact and fiction, truth and fabrication etc, etc. I do however, question the competence of a great number of people who choose to ignore the overwhelming evidence that UFOs are very real and very serious. Why do so many people look the other way when something happens that they cannot explain?

Since September 1997, I have traveled nonstop all over the U.S. and have spoken to literally tens of thousands of people about their experiences with UFOs. The majority of the people that I met were just average, ordinary Americans, who had something extraordinary to tell me about.
The plan that I came up with to get people that I didn't know to talk to me about UFOs was original to say the least. Almost everyday for over two years, where ever I went, I wore shirts, jackets and hats (overdone to be noticeable) with iron-on patches of aliens, flying saucers etc. After what I experienced those 6 weeks in 1997, even after seeing it with my own eyes, I still had to be sure. To my surprize, my crazy plan started paying off the very first day. I was casually approached by at least eight different people at a shopping mall asking me about UFOs and my colorful attire.

I remember one of those people in particular, a lady about 65 or 70 years old. She was very sweet and commented on my colorful jacket. I told her that I was a Field Investigator for
M.U.F.O.N. (Mutual UFO Network)
. Her reaction was astonishing! Right there at the register checkout she began crying, seemingly unable to hold in her emotions. Obviously embarrassed, she began apologizing for the tears rolling down her face.
Stunned, I asked her if I had said or did something wrong. She quickly regained her composure and asked me if I had a few minutes to speak with her, she even offered to pay me for my time. I told her that paying me was ridiculous and that I'd be happy to be of any help I could, so we got a couple of sodas and sat on a bench outside the store.

She explained to me that her emotional outburst was because she had finally found someone that might be able give her some answers without thinking that she was crazy. She told me that for the past eight months she had been frequently visited by what she described as small hideous creatures with large black eyes. She called them "Demons". It wasn't until six months after her first visit from these beings that she realized that she was experiencing a lot more than just bad dreams. One night she was browsing her cable TV channels to see what was on. When she reached the sci-fi channel she became terrified at what she saw! On her tv screen was a sketch of one of the demons she had been having countless nightmares about! Very frightened, she telephoned her daughter for help, but her daughter insisted that she stop watching scary programs on TV and try to go to bed.

She went on to tell me that during the six months prior she had been to see several doctors about numerous marks and bruises that mysteriously appeared overnight with no explanation. However, she never mentioned anything about her recurring nightmares to them. She gave me several photos that she had taken of large bruises and swore that she had NO idea how they got there! I still have these photos in my possession. She said that up until the night that she came across that chapter of the now canceled television show Sightings, UFOs were only fictional stories and movies made mostly for young teenagers entertainment.

After hearing her story I gave her several phone numbers including my own. When I handed her the list of numbers, she became teary eyed and told me that the worst part of all this was that when she looked for help from friends and family, every single one of them began treating her like she was, Some Kind of Nut Case. These were the same people that she had helped financially and in any other way she could in the past years. In the months to come, we became good friends, speaking on the phone several times a week. One day she called me and asked if I could drive her to see a hypnotherapist about being regressed. I remember the comment that she made, when I said that I would be happy to take her. She said that if it took every penny that she owned, she was going to get some answers. My interpretation was that she was on a very limited income so I called friend Jim Dilettoso and asked him how he could help me get an appointment with a good hypnotherapist with no money. Jim made a few calls, then called me back and said no problem. Three days later, I called her and got directions to her house, she instructed me to pull up the driveway to the big gate, then to push the call button at the center of the gate. Did I say house? Well, Mansion would be more appropriate! Yes, it turned out that she was a very wealthy person. Despite my objections, she wrote a check out to me for $500.00 and told me to use that money toward my research and that she would not take no for an answer.

We stayed in touch until December, 1999. When I hadn't heard from her for quite some time, I called her home only to find a disconnected recording. I later learned that she had died. I was told that the cause of her death was old age, that she didn't want to live anymore. So she quietly passed away. She was the about same age as my mother and very lively. I do miss her. I would say that having known her is a big part of the steadfast determination in me to continue my search. A search that I will never give up on, no matter what the cost. This was only one of my countless encounters that I have had with ordinary people keeping to themselves extraordinary experiences or encounters that they are too embarrassed or afraid to talk about.


In the United States alone, over one third of its population believe that they have seen a UFO.


There have been over 400,000 reports of alien abductions and the statistics say that it is escalating daily.


Certain exclusive agencies of the United States Government are withholding vital information regarding this phenomenon for purposes yet unknown.


These encounters are Real and as a proud American I will NOT ignore the fact that other human beings in this country are crying for help and only receiving ridicule and belittlement in return! It is my opinion that the staggering number of incidents reported can no longer be ignored or categorized as

Written by, Frank Khoury on February, 23rd 2001

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