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In the summer of 1997 my girlfriend and I embarked on an adventure that spanned seven western states. On July 26th 1997, we purchased our first camcorder and purchased our second camcorder on August 2nd 1997. The photos below are some still clips from the video footage that we shot. Most of the clips are from footage that was filmed in the skies above Rachel Nevada, (Area-51). Below, you will also find a link to some video segments from Rachel as well. Take a real close look, and YOU be the Judge!

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This pic was taken before I became a UFO Investigator.
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How do you look for the Truth? It's simple!
You take the time and effort to look for it!

I have done just that for the past three years. It is obvious to me that there is a plan in the works which threatens the safety of every human being on our planet. I can't say with certainty that the encounters that are reported around the world involve Aliens or Demons or even other human beings. What I am certain of is that countless people, from every country on Earth claim to have been victims of unexplainable and terrifying abduction experiences. The theory is that we are being used for genetic experiments and it's anyone's guess Why. My nonstop research has brought me to the conclusion that what-ever their intentions are, they are NOT in our best interest!

By ignoring what is happening, we could be endangering not only ourselves, but our children as well. Do we dare take that chance?

If the controversial subject of UFOs sounds ridiculous to you, and so "FAR FETCHED" Then how do you explain the overwhelming number of credible people from all walks of life who sware that what they experienced was very real.
Prophets, Psychics and even the Holy Bible all speak of war and catastrophies that will ultimately occur in or about the year 2010. Most reactions to this are;
If it's gonna happen, It's gonna happen
Well, when it does finally happen, It's going to be too late for us to do anything about it!
Could a plan that might have originated 50 years ago be possible? Is the human race looked upon as nothing more than a flock of sheep? Are we going to continue ignoring the overwhelming evidence which indicates that a real threat does exist? Will we end up being an ignorant and now extinct species of life called MAN? Should we just continue ignoring the photos, videotape footage, eyewitness accounts, and trace evidence such as surgical implant removals, mysterious scars and scoop marks appearing on our bodies with no memory of where they came from. Abnormal pregnancies that ultimately end in the loss of the fetus with NO explanation. Do we dismiss what happened in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 as science fiction or AREA-51 in Nevada as Fantasy?


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