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Before June 1997, *UFOs* had never been of any Interest to me

This document was written in July 1999 by Frank Khoury. For confirmation of authenticity, 2 weeks after being stuck on Red Mountain a 22 minute video was taped in August of 1997 by Frank Khoury describing their experience on Red Mountain This video will be made publicly available if and when it becomes necessary

In June 1997, the comet "Hale Bopp" had just passed dangerously close to Planet Earth. After the first night that we had seen the comets bright tail in the sky, we found ourselves frequently looking out into space hoping to get another look at the massive space traveler. Three nights after our first sighting of the comet, we were northbound on I-5, just south of Mount Shasta, Ca. It was just a little after 10:00 pm and I was driving. Tina had been gazing at the sky when she asked me if the comet was going away from the earth. When I told her that it was away from Earth, she anxiously told me that I'd better pull over to take a good look at what she was seeing. I pulled off to the shoulder of the freeway, just north of Redding, California and got out of the car to take a look.

Prior to that night UFOs had always been a figment of someones Imagination and were never something that I took seriously. The instant that I looked up, there it was, moving in the sky above me! It was a luminous craft, perhaps 30 feet in diameter. As I watched, the bright object kept getting closer while making turns that defied gravity. I was breathless, I couldn't believe what we were watching. It was as though this craft was putting on a show for us! Just before it vanished out of sight, it came straight toward us. It got so close we could see the porthole windows on the top section of the craft. It came shooting at us so fast I thought we were gonners. Then it stopped like on a dime for about 3 seconds, That was when we got a good look at it. Suddenly there was a burst of light, then Like a bolt of lightning, except it was a straight line, the craft shot upward and it was gone. That night, we both became believers in UFOs.

The next day we called some of our friends and family members to tell them what we had seen. We also called the Air force. When we finished our phone calls, we were very disappointed at the reactions and responses we had received. We knew what we had seen, there could be no mistake about that! We continued on our journey to Helena Montana, and on the way found and bought several UFO videos from Wal-mart and K-Mart. We also bought some cheap binoculars, and a Polaroid Camera. When we watched the UFO videos, we learned about something that happened in Roswell, New Mexico back in July, 1947. I couldn't believe that I had never heard anything about it before.

We also learned from a UFO videotape that a key eye-witness from the Roswell story, who was only ten years old in 1947, was living in Helena Montana and was a respected doctor there! His name was Jesse Marcel Jr. There was also one other thing that we learned from another video that pointed to Helena Montana. The tape consisted of various accounts and testimony from alleged abductees, contactees, eye-witnesses and UFO researchers. A man with a slight foreign accent claimed to have had regular contact with aliens and began pointing out the exact locations of top secret Military Bases that were built by the C.I.A. and being occupied by the C.I.A. and alien beings. With the use of large maps, he pointed out where these bases are located around the world. When he got to the United States, he mentions only three locations, two in Nevada, and the third in Montana, at a place called "RED MOUNTAIN".

When we reached Helena Montana, we had no trouble finding dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. I contacted him by phone, and he very kindly agreed to meet us. We spent about an hour at his office. He had some very interesting things to say. Red Mountain, on the other hand, seemed impossible to find. People who had lived there all of there lives had never even heard of it. One afternoon about a week later we were visiting some friends. A few days earlier I had asked their 18 year old son if he had ever heard of Red Mountain. He said he would ask some of his hunting buddies if they knew of it.

We were getting ready to go back to our hotel when their son Jeremy came into the living room carrying some maps. He excitedly told me that he had found Red Mountain on some old military maps and pointed it out to me an old map. He went on to say that there was something strange about it, There was a border line on the map surrounding it which indicated restricted Government property. He said in order for that to be possible there had to be an access road to that area, but the map revealed no such road? Two days later My girlfriend and I tried to get there, but the closer we got, the deeper the snow got. After almost getting stuck we turned around and headed back down the mountain. We decided that we'd try it again another day.

We went south to Albequerque and then north again toward Montana. We stopped one evening in Greely Colorado and rented a motel room in the industrial area of Greely for the night. At about 10:20 pm that evening, Tina needed her make-up bag, which was still in the car. As I exited our room some movement to my left caught my eye. About 50 yards from where I stood, I observed a huge almond shaped craft, (about the size of a 747 Jumbo Jet, with NO wings), moving very slowly, (almost floating) across the 4 lane, well lit street, from West to East. The craft's altitude was about the height of a single story house. It disappeared behind some tree and a couple of commercial buildings. I was completely stunned by what I saw, I jumped back up the steps leading to my motel room door trying to see where this thing went.

The craft had a very large reddish/maroon light on top that seemed to pulsate, not flash. After about 2 seconds, I saw the red light sowly moving behind some buildings then come to a stop. I ran in the motel room and yelled at my girlfriend Tina to hang up the phone, grab the camera and get outside. She was talking to her mother, but when she saw the look on my face, she dropped the phone and followed me outside. The pulsating light was still at the same position. We watched it for about 2 minutes, then as slowly as it came in, it started to gracefully move back to the left, except it was moving away from us, it went behind some trees then started going upward not making a sound. It continued gaining altitude then made a 45 degree turn and started heading back west toward the Rocky Mountains.

We jumped in my car and punched it down the street hoping to get a closer look because it was only flying at about 500 feet, but it was too far away by now. This was no conventional craft. Unfortunately, the photos that Tina took only revealed a dim light in the distance and offered no photographic evidence to support what I had clearly seen with my own eyes. Upon further investigation the following morning, we concluded that this huge craft stopped near the house of an aeronautics engineer that was nestled in a heavily wooded area less than a half a mile from motel. There was absolutely no place for any earthly aircraft to land back there, especially a craft of that size. Well, as much as I hate to type, I wanted to share my first real UFO sighting with you. It was truly thegrandaddy of sightings and it happened to me!

One would think that a person couldn't expect anything more spectacular than what happened to me that night would happen again, that's what most would call a "once in a lifetime experience", right? Wrong! About five weeks later we were back in Helena Montana, It was only 14 miles southwest to Red Mountain. On the third Saturday in July 1997 we were invited to Butte Mt. which is south of Helena to the grand opening of my friend, Brian's bar. It was 9:30 a.m. and the party didn't start until 5:00 p.m. So we decided to try taking the "Mountain Roads" in hope of finding Red Mountain on the way. As we got higher on this old logging road, it kept getting a little rockier and narrower. We went past an "Old Mining Town" that looked like it had been abandoned for a very long time.

After the mining town it got really rough, we got stuck twice and managed to dig ourselves out. After getting stuck the second time, we decided to look for a spot with enough room to turn the car around. Then the road seemed to be getting a bit better, we could see a clearing just ahead. As we reached the clearing, the road took a dip downward and then arched back up onto a clearing that was about 40 yards in diameter and was covered with tall grass. I stopped the car and walked across the clearing, that seemed to connect to other clearings. This looked like the way to go, but I was still concerned about the car getting past the " small Creek Crossing the Road". ("CLICK" Here for Photos) After considering turning around and trying to get out the way we had come, I decided to go for it! I backed my 1988 Ford T-Bird up to get a running start, threw it in drive and punched it. As soon as the car hit the water, which was only about 14 inches deep, the mud was so soft that the car just sank! It wasn't going anywhere. We tried everything we could to get the car out, but there was no way.

It was 12:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday, and we figured that there was bound to be someone in the area sooner or later. I asked Tina to start honking the horn, then I remembered that I had a bunch of fireworks and sky rockets packed in the roof carrier of the car, so I dug them out and started setting them off. These were real sky rockets called artillery shells, and were bound to get someone's attention! After the fireworks were gone, I grabbed my 12-gauge shotgun and began firing it into the air and still, not a sign of anyone. Before we knew it, the sun was going down, and dark clouds started moving in above us. The next thing we knew, the daylight was gone and it became obvious that we were going to be stuck there until morning.

We ended up sitting in the front seat of the car all night, the depth of the flowing water in the creek reached almost two feet because of the violent thunder and lightning storm. That was quite an unnerving experience in itself! I was sure that help had arrived when we picked up several strong transmissions from what sounded like wildlife rangers talking on my CB radio. The clear voices on my CB were followed by two bright lights that appeared in my driver side rear view mirror, but strangely, the bright lights blinked off and my CB went quiet for the rest of the night. At first light, we decided to try and get the car out again. Just when we thought we had it, the car just slid back down into the deep, soft mud. Frustrated, I told my girlfriend that we should just start walking. The next thing I knew, we were yelling at each other, I've never been able to remember why we were even fighting. Crying and screaming at me she started walking across the open field. Angry myself, I told her to go ahead and get the hell away from me and that I'd get the car out myself. I watched her walk to the heavily wooded area at the edge of the field and sit on a rock. I turned around and took about four steps toward the car, then realized how ridiculous the argument we were having was. I turned back around to call her, but I couldn't see her anywhere. I shouted her name, but I couldn't see any movement in the area where I saw her sit down just seconds earlier! I grabbed the binoculars off the hood of the car to see if I could spot her. As I began looking through the binoculars, I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I lowered the binoculars from my eyes and everything looked normal. I looked through them again and saw the same crazy things! I tried them several more times with the same result.

I was in total disbelief! The best way that I can describe what I saw was that all of the trees across the field looked like a green mosaic picture of weird animal faces. But with the naked eye everything was normal. I quickly grabbed my shotgun and started across the field. When I reached the spot that I had last seen her, I began calling her name but there was not a sound. I mean, NOT a sound, no Birds, no insects, nothing! There was an almost deafening silence that surrounded me. I cautiously started into the heavily shaded area. As I was looking the area over, I started noticing that a lot of the larger broken branches, logs, and some tree stumps seemed to resemble the shapes of animals, (as though they had been carved to look that way). Depending on their size and configuration, they clearly matched a particular animal. I can't describe the things that were going through my mind at that moment. The most logical and frightening explanation could only be that my girlfriend had been kidnapped by somebody that lived in this forest. I remember feeling as though I was being watched very closely, still the dead silence continued. As I cautiously moved deeper into the heavily shaded forest, I noticed a large dark figure in an area where the branches drooped to the ground, giving the area surrounding the large tree trunk kind of stable or a primitive hut effect.

I approached the large figure through the drooping branches, into the small clearing. I was able to see that it was a big rock, But with very little light showing through the dense trees, it oddly resembled a large bear. I turned to my left and continued on, My shotgun in hand, with the safety off. After walkng for about 30 seconds, I spotted another shadowy figure which appeared to be similar to the first one, except much smaller. I found it very odd the way these figures were positioned in the small clearings surrounded by the drooping branches. Again, I decided to take a closer look. I stepped between the hanging branches into the small clearing, within about four feet from the smaller shadowy figure. As I moved in for a closer look, I could clearly see the eerie figure. It was as though at that moment all of the fears that I have ever known in my life, hit me all at once.

The figure or carving stood about four feet tall and seemed to have been carved out of wood. It was clearly a figure of a young girl on her knees. She had long wavey brownish/blonde hair and on her back, were what looked like angels wings. Although all of the colors seemed natural and not painted, I was obvious to me, that I was looking at something manmade. I moved even closer to the figure until I could see the side of her face. I could see that her hands were clasped together in front of her, as though she was praying. I slowly started moving to the front of the figure which enabled me to see her face clearly. What I saw sent chills throughout my body, she had two small horns protruding from her upper forehead, like pictures of the Devil in the Bible! The horrifying fear that I was experiencing was not for myself, but for my girlfriend Tina. Quite a bit of time had gone by now, and there was still no trace of her. I started yelling her name as loud as I could, begging her to please answer me. I never again want to feel, the way I felt at that moment, for as long as I live.

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